Why on earth would someone create a page that can be labeled as blasphemy, inappropriate, and pokes fun at a serious topic.  The reason I created this website is in the hopes of taking a serious subject and making it easier to talk about.  We all know that for a fact (at least we’d like to think) that the dawning of the apocalypse will not be met by a cat ripping open the sky looking down at us.  Frankly, who are we as people to say how the afterlife (or current life, for that matter) should be dictated.  The only people who seem to know the answer to what happens after someone dies are those who have died.  So for those who discredit this site as a sick joke are only kidding themselves–they are basing their argument on a set of principles and ideas that have already been created by someone else who, frankly, either didn’ t know any better or was forced to quantify an almost non-quantifiable subject.

If this seems to not make sense, then you’re probably not laughing and understanding the photographs.  It’s ok, all are welcome.



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